Posted 3 weeks ago

Survey Research Analyst

Company: Easterseals
Category: Analyst, Nonprofit


Type: Full Time

The Survey Research Analyst will report to the VP of Data and Information Management and be an integral member of a new data strategy team. The Easterseals National Office is embarking on an integrated data strategy for itself and its 67 affiliates, collectively known as the Network. This data strategy will establish a data collection infrastructure and reporting system and a national survey platform to collect consistent data from across the Network to advance its purpose to lead the way to 100% equity, inclusion, and access for people with disabilities and the greater community. The data strategy will provide stakeholders with trusted, easy to access, and use data that accurately reflects the impact of our services, yields actionable insights, and drives future-forward decision making. This is an excellent opportunity for an individual who enjoys a clean slate and is willing to learn and evolve with the organization and help lead the transformation. Responsibilities:

  • Manage survey lifecycle from development to distribution to analysis.
  • Develop surveys that provide actionable insights, demonstrate outcome and impact, and track NPS and KPIs through standardized methodologies, question sequence and phrasing, and application of data governance policies.
  • Analyze survey data and deliver in various easy-to-understand formats, such as Excel charts, graphs, as well as reports, presentations, visualizations, dashboards, and infographics.
  • Serve as an administer for a survey platform.
  • Train and support staff on using the survey platform including creating documentation, delivering training, answering questions, etc.
  • Integrate survey data with internal (e.g., staffing, services, service locations, etc.) and external (e.g., census, demographic, geographic, economic, etc.) data sets to further insights.
  • Develop a method for longitudinal insights to understand the outcome and impact of Easterseals initiatives while allowing for the ability to forecast new trends or areas of opportunities for the Easterseals network.
  • Confidently communicate findings to stakeholders, e.g., executive leadership, donors, funders, policymakers, etc.
  • Use data to identify where business value can be created and provide recommendations.
  • As the organization evolves, lead more complex survey and research projects.