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Sterilization Assistant – College of Dental Medicine

Company: Midwestern University
Category: Healthcare

 Downers Grove

Type: Full Time

The Sterilization Assistant is a key component in the support of the CDMI clinics in Downers Grove, and is responsible for the dispensing, collecting, and processing of dental instruments, equipment, and consumable supplies utilized in the CDMI clinics for the treatment of patients, both real and simulated as well as for the education of student doctors.  Must be able to adapt to work schedule changes based on the hours of the clinic.  Likewise, the Sterilization Assistant interacts significantly with the Sterilization Supervisor, faculty, staff and students.  Essential Job Functions include:

  • Maintain a welcoming atmosphere to improve morale and to promote collegiality among student doctors, faculty and staff.
  • Assist with data entry pertaining to supplies used in dental clinic.
  • Responsible for inventory data used to maintain supplies in the dental clinic.
  • Participate in instrument, equipment and supply management.
  • Prepare and process instruments, supplies and equipment.
  • Clean, disinfect, sterilize, package and restock instruments, supplies and equipment.
  • Operate high capacity sterilization units, ultrasonic cleaning units, and instrument washers.
  • Clean and lubricate dental hand pieces/accessories, instrument cassettes, and bur blocks.
  • Identify instrumentation and monitor all cassettes for completeness of content.
  • Disinfect mobile carts so that instruments can be transported to clinic dispensaries in a timely manner for both shifts.
  • Assist with dental operatory equipment infection control.
    • Perform weekly biological testing on all autoclaves.
    • Perform weekly maintenance on all sterilization equipment.
  • Participate in Dental Clinic meetings.
  • Adapt to shift changes.
  • Generate re-order list of clinic materials.
  • Utilize aseptic techniques when handling instruments, equipment and supplies.
  • Track, inventory and dispense dental instruments, supplies and equipment.
  • Package and sterilize disposable supplies such as gauze, cotton rolls, and cotton pellets.
  • Maintain the organization, cleanliness and general appearance of the sterilizing rooms and their related storage facilities.
  • Maintain the stock of supplies needed to properly run the sterilizing and dispensing rooms, such as autoclave bags, tape, towels, patient’s drapes, caps and etc.
  • Substitute for Dispensary as requested.
  • Participate in the quality assurance within the department.