Posted 4 weeks ago

Resident Assistant – On Call

Company: DuPage County Health Department
Category: Healthcare


Type: Part Time

The DuPage County Health Department has On-Call or substitute positions to fill open shifts resulting from regular staff members vacation, etc. You must be able to commit to a minimum of 3 shifts per month, but may work additional shifts. The highest needs are on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s. Highest demand for shifts is the overnight shift and holidays. The base salary for the position is $15.00  per hour, however, the salary does increase based on experience. Responsibilities:

  • Provides assistance to adult clients with serious mental illnesses in learning independent living skills using various methods of role modeling and motivational interviewing, demonstrating and assisting with tasks such as; making a shopping list, preparing meals or following recipe instructions.
  • Provides education and direction on proper hygiene and grooming and demonstrates housekeeping skills.
  • Monitors overall personal safety of residents including crisis intervention.
  • Participates and encourages clients with individual and group recreational activities such as sewing, cooking and art.
  • Monitors medication effectiveness and may observe clients taking medications.
  • Assists in facilitating transportation including assisting clients in attending all scheduled appointments.
  • Performs tasks related to maintaining environmental standards in residential facilities and vehicles.
  • Maintains records according to health department policies and assists in managing clients’ financial accounts.
  • Maintains confidentiality of privileged information and adheres to client privacy laws.
  • Participates in emergency activities as assigned.