Posted 1 month ago

Field Shift Manager

Company: P4 Security Solutions
Category: Security

 Downers Grove

Type: Full Time

P4 Security Solutions is seeking a Field Shift Manager to join their team. The Field Shift Manager aids in the safety and security of persons and property by monitoring multiple security systems and physical security functions, detecting and assessing threats, responding to alarms, and reporting incidents. The Field Shift Manager also uses a variety of tools such as access control systems, alarm monitoring systems/software, and video monitoring systems. Below lists some responsibilities of the position:

  • Supervise and oversee security functions at designated P4 Companies locations.
  • Assist in responding to staff/client/site emergencies as they arise, including ensuring appropriate communication to Director of Operations, Director of Security, Field Supervisors, an/or other field or site staff.
  • Respond to incidents, alarms, notifications, emails, and calls for service in a professional and customer-friendly manner.
  • Manage alarm, communications, reporting, video management, and access control functions at multiple locations using a variety of software programs.
  • Process, forward and log information from incoming calls and operate after-hours switchboard in a timely, professional, and effective manner.
  • Receive and respond to call offs from Security Officers and other staffing needs as communicated by Security Supervisors and/or members of the Operations team.
  • Dispatch and deploy staff, vehicles, equipment, etc. based on communications received.
  • Log shift activity of various officers / buildings using established systems, processes, and protocols.
  • Monitor physical security systems, responding to and/or coordinating responses to safety and security issues at the facility as appropriate with minimal supervision.