Posted 2 weeks ago

District Manager

Company: Anderson Pest Solutions
Category: Management

 Chicagoland Area

Type: Full Time

Anderson Pest Solutions is seeking a District Manager. District Managers are responsible for the overall guidance of their district, and are the key contact for implementing change in their area. As part of these responsibilities, the District Managers are counted upon to provide a realistic view of areas that impact how customers are served and how coworkers be developed. Must be motivational, and progressive with their actions and commitments. Responsible for understanding, appreciating, and following the organizational, district policies and expectations of the company. Below lists responsibilities and job functions. Click HERE for full details about the position. Interested candidates my send resume to MATTHEW.SCALIATINE@RENTOKIL.COM.

  • Develop the management team to achieve growth, productivity and profitability goals of the District as well as deliver legendary customer experiences.
  • Interview job applicants and select top candidates as well as monitor staffing needs.
  • Plan, identify, communicate and delegate key responsibilities and practices to the operations and service management team to ensure smooth flow of operations within the district.
  • Drive the implementation of company programs and initiatives by motivating and supporting the management team within the district to develop and implement action plans that meet operational and organizational objectives.
  • Review environments and key business indicators within the district to identify problems, concerns, and opportunities for improvement in order to provide coaching to the operations and service management team to take action and achieve operational goals.
  • Play a supporting and auditing role with operations, sales and office leadership positions.