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Let us quick start your career with the “fast track” to a job.

Experienced career coaches will guide your job search journey. As part of an online private peer group, you will benefit from the camaraderie of fellow job seekers while receiving essential job search support. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Resume Writing 
  • Networking Tools 
  • Conveying Your Message 
  • Interview Preparation 
  • Types of Interviews 
  • Salary and Negotiation 
  • Behavioral Interviewing 
  • Skills Identification 
  • How to Structure Your Job Search 

Day 1. Kickstart your Job Search

You'll learn: How to find openings and identify your skills and experiences to match the position.


Day 2. Resumes & Applicant Tracking Systems

You'll learn: The effective components of a resume for applicant tracking systems, LinkedIn for your job search and the importance of a cover letter.


Day 3. Making Connections & Interview Preparation

You'll become adept at the components of effective networking, informational interviewing, and how to succeed in phone and in-person interviews.




Job Posting Deconstruction Table

Networking Tools Handout

Preparing for the Interview: Researching Companies


Day 4. The "Interview"

You'll learn: What employers look for during an interview, types of questions, developing answers for behavioral interviews, and what you should ask employers.




30 Second Video Presentation

Questions to Ask When Interviewing for a Job

SPART Interview Questions

Story Overview

What Benefits Are You Willing to Negotiate For

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