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Picture Yourself In Manufacturing!

You might have heard that manufacturing is dead.

manufacturing graveyard

Nope.  It's alive and well!

manufacturing superhero, flying

You might think manufacturing looks like this:

old dirty factory

Nope.  It looks more like this:

clearn modern manufacturing facility

You might think manufacturing jobs are dull, dumb and boring, but...

"I'm proud of working in manufacturing..." "My job constantly changes with technology..." "I get to work with my hands..." "My job changes because machines are more capable now..."

* Quotes from the Video "Made in DuPage"

You might hear manufacturing jobs dont pay...

good financial outlook

...but workers in manufacturing earn 16% more than non-manufacturing workers.

good financial outlook

* Data from from a UIC report, February 2013


There are 3,468 manufacturing companies in DuPage County.

technology center

52,024 people are employed by manufacturing companies in DuPage County - men and women!

people working in manufacturing

* DuPage statistics obtained from Economic Modeling Specialists Intl.

There Are Good Jobs in Manufacturing!

picture yourself in manufacturing
See How You Can Make Your Way In Manufacturing!


Made in DuPage: Manufacturing in DuPage County

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