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The View from the Recruiting Seat: HR Pros Give Their Perspective


The economic recovery has been slow and uneven, and it often seems difficult to get a sense of what’s happening with the economy. To shed a little light on the economic situation in DuPage County, human resources professionals at several DuPage companies have kindly provided their outlook for hiring.

Additionally, to help those who are currently seeking employment, those same HR pros also provided some expert job search advice. (more…)

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Planning your job search

Monday Motivation: Plan Your Work and Work Your Job Search Plan


It’s Monday!  Yes!

Monday.  Time to get back to the job search after a great weekend.  You feel refreshed, restored and ready to go. A whole new week!  Five whole days to get stuff done and find your new job!

Sound familiar?  I thought not.

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Many of us, frankly, hate Mondays — or at least, Monday mornings.  Let’s face it: it’s not easy leaving behind the weekend and all it means: sleeping in, being with family or friends and feeling accepted; spending Saturday outside in the sunshine, enjoying weekend meals together, going to a great movie, reading a great book, having some down time — you know, all that stuff that we can enjoy on Saturday and Sunday that we don’t have time for during the week…


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Smart Card

The Smart Card Revolution, Right Here in DuPage County


Smart cards are coming. Even if you don’t currently have a smart card, you may have seen one: they look like a regular credit card, but have a visible computer chip embedded in it. The major credit card companies are all moving toward smart cards, and retailers have an October 01, 2015 deadline to adopt smart card readers for their transactions.

Additionally, members of congress including Representative Peter Roskam and U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, recently introduced legislation that aims to protect seniors from identity theft and combat Medicare waste by using a Common Access Card. These cards would be similar to those issued by the Department of Defense, and would use smart chip technology.

Well, did you know that the fourth largest card manufacturer in the United States is located right here in DuPage County? (more…)

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Job Search Success Story

Scott Redman: Solving The Job Search Puzzle in DuPage


The star of this story is Scott Redman, an IT professional who received career and employment services from the DuPage County Workforce Development Division (WDD), located in the workNet DuPage Career Center in Lisle. Redman received a training grant through DuPage County WDD, that originated with the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and ultimately helped him land a new job he loves.

Scott Redman was hired by his current employer exactly one year to the day after losing his previous job. His layoff date became a happy anniversary, but his year-long journey to employment was not an easy one. (more…)

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