Top soft skills in the workplace

Behavioral Interview Questions: How Employers Learn About Your “Soft Skills”


It’s fairly easy to talk about technical skills in a job interview – either you have a certain skill, or you don’t. You’ve done something before, or you haven’t.

But, your so-called “soft” skills – things like communication, problem-solving or leadership – are more difficult to talk about. And most employers consider soft skills to be highly important.

In this article we’ll look at:

  • the top soft skills employers are seeking, and
  • how you can present your soft skills to an employer through your answers to behavioral interview questions.


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man at computer with phone

Acing Your Phone Interview: You Are How You Say It


When assessing a job candidate, many employers like to conduct their initial interview over the phone. It’s convenient for both the interviewer and the job seeker.

However, speaking over a telephone does present certain limitations: namely, the interviewer can’t see the way you’re smiling when you talk about the job. That’s why it’s so important in a phone interview to use your voice to create a picture of someone the employer will want to hire! (more…)

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young person filling out job application

How to Apply for Your First Job


You found a job you want to go for, and that’s great news. But, finding the job was just the first step. Now you have to apply for it!

Here are some things you should know before you apply for your first job, or any job, whether it’s with an application or with a resume. (more…)

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