poor body language

What Your Body Language Says to Employers in a Job Interview


You put a lot of time into your resume: writing and re-writing, proofing and re-proofing. You obsess over spelling, punctuation and grammar. All in the hopes of getting a job interview.

In a way, interviews have their own kind of grammar, i.e., things you do or say that help the interviewer “make sense” of you. A subtle but important part of that grammar is your body language. Your body conveys more information than you may realize, so you need to be sure your body language works for you, not against you. (more…)

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apples to oranges

See How Your Job Search Stacks Up: Results of Our Job Seeker Survey


Job search is more complicated than it used to be. A competitive job market and newer technologies have required job seekers to be savvier and more knowledgeable than ever. You must hunt for jobs and market yourself to employers in a variety of ways if you expect to get an interview, let alone a job.

We decided to conduct a survey of job seekers in the DuPage area, to see what they’re doing in their job search, and what’s working for them. The results of the job seeker survey are presented below; with this info you’ll be able to:

  • See how your job search stacks up against what others are doing, and
  • Get key insights and takeaways about an effective job search (be sure to read the last section, Patterns, Trends and Takeaways).


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