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Job Seeker News and Events – Jan. 11, 2016


News and events related to job search, the workforce, and the economy in DuPage County: how quickly recruiters assess job seekers, a job trend in nursing, automation in IT, the gig economy, workers feeling time-crunched, and job fairs in the area.

Job Search and Workforce News

Interviewers Probably Make Judgments About You Within Seconds of Your First Meeting – Psychologists call it “thin-slicing,” but it basically amounts to making snap judgments based on certain visual cues. It’s basic human nature, and we all do it, but you need to be aware of the ways in which how you present yourself impacts others’ perceptions. Read more in this LinkedIn article.

Nurses Increasingly Find Work Outside of Hospitals, in the Community – From 2005 to 2012, the number of new nurses working at hospitals declined from 87% to 76%, with an increasing number working in in team-based medical care in the community. Read more at

IT Pros are Worried About Automation, Now and in the Future – Robotic Process Automation brings the possibility of eliminating certain jobs in IT. However, IT pros are also worried about the present “threat” of added workload in implementing this new technology. Read more at

More Calls for Protecting of Workers in the Gig Economy – Many think that we are witnessing a fundamental shift in the nature of work, transitioning toward a more “flexible” gig-based model. This article makes the case that as the employee-employer relationships change, protections for worker need to change accordingly. Read more at

Are You Feeling the Time-Crunch? – Many people report feeling pressed for time, young women and mothers. However, this recent Gallup survey shows that peoples’ feelings of “time-Crunch” are no worse than in the past. Read more at

Job Seeker Events

Mini Job Fair at workNet DuPage – Thursday, January 28, from 10:00 a.m. until noon. A variety of employers with a variety of jobs Get more details and see the list of employers.

Job Fair at College of DuPage – Saturday, February 6, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Learn more about this event.